“For everything that ends, something in it’s place begins. For every bit of darkness, there is dawn.”


It goes without saying that true music comes from the heart. Regardless of genre or style, a heartfelt song and melody can cross over and touch anyone. Darren Evans understands this. Whether you consider the music of his band, Comino, to be Acoustic Pop, Rock or perhaps even Brit Pop, it’s hard to deny the man has a gift for crafting stylish and wonderful hooks that deserve to creep into the mainstream media.


Built upon an already impressive musical upbringing from his hometown in South Wales since he was seventeen years old, Darren has never felt the chains of small town pressures which hold back most new musicians. Always with an eye for taking his music outside of his hometown boarders he has etched away at the over populated music scene of the nation’s capital earning himself praise from industry insiders and general public alike with his captivating solo performances – just a guy, a guitar and a stunningly soothing, likeable voice.


Since releasing Comino’s debut album ‘Ressurection’ back in March 2009, it has been a mix of constant performing, writing and recording which has led to the creation of a new collection of songs, simply entitled ‘One’ – a collaboration with songwriting partner Daniel Townsend. Featuring the already well recieved lead single ‘Morning Shine’, this is just one of a series of songs which show the expected growth, maturity and development of a songwriter simply enjoying what he does but also oozing with an infectious enthusiasm for the sharing the love of music.


Evan’s hardwork and networking of the past few years has allowed him to assemble a simply stellar cast of musicians to lend their talents to the new record and bring it to life. The likes of Richie Wermerling from successful British Pop Rock Band LET LOOSE contributes both his arranging talents and synth strings whilst Sally Greenwell performs Viola, Stephanie Downer lends her vocal talents and Ana Guppy brings keyboard and piano to several of the album’s cuts.


“The new album presents to us a story of breakup, loss, sadness, happiness, growing older and my own cynical views. It’s an album that’s been written in a way to tell a story – the story of how life is when you’ve been hurt.” comments Darren on what he wanted to achieve with his sophmore release.


“Life though goes on. For everything that ends, something in it’s place begins. For every bit of darkness, there is dawn. So if this record has a point, it is this; No matter how hard things get, or whenever you feel as though you have had enough, just hold on!”


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